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In 1976 Imet Industriemetall Handelsgesellschaft was founded as an independent, privately owned Trading Company operating worldwide and dedicated to supplying high quality semi- finished products in steel and special alloys, both ferrous and non ferrous metals and hard-to-find materials.

Our customers are established in all fields of industries, such as aerospace, military and nuclear power, power plants, off-shore and shipbuilding, petrochemical and chemical industries, research, deep sea technology, optical laser and electronics, general machine building and heavy machine building, food industry, air conditioning, car industry and processing technology.

We offer our clients all the advantages of an efficient, competent and reliable service, which Imet has built up in many years of experience.

A large number of world wide partners and suppliers has made it possible to serve almost all individual demands of our customers thanks to our flexibility and expertise.

Not only metallic semi- finished products, but also mechanical treatments of materials up to finished products of customized parts, manufactured to individual specifications, as well as spare parts for tooling machines, tools for machines, bearings of all kinds, Kalei press- nuts and textile oil- absorbant materials are supplied by us.

Try us out and let us give You an idea of the ability of Imet and her team!
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We supply all forms and shapes, such as sheets, strips, foils, castings and forgings, round, hexagonal- and flat products, drawn, extruded and forged, as well as seamless and welded tubes, pipes and fittings.