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alloyed steel
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duty alloys
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The word " CANNOT " does not exist for us! This has been our philosophy from the beginning and remains one of the most important foundations of our daily work.

As a trading partner for producers co-suppliers and end-users, Imet is the logistical link to assure a continuous supply of materials in time for Your production.

Imet has frequently had to act as a " trouble shooter " in extremely critical situations, when speed and flexibility was required.

Also in future we will follow this way of flexibility and independence , which are the most important targets of the Imet philosophy, namely to continue the reliability of Imet and its importance as one of a few leading companies of its kind.
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We supply all forms and shapes, such as sheets, strips, foils, castings and forgings, round, hexagonal- and flat products, drawn, extruded and forged, as well as seamless and welded tubes, pipes and fittings.