Steel and special steel
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alloyed steel
Non ferrous metals
Pure metals and high
duty alloys
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Qualities: high duty alloys and pure metals, such as titanium, tungsten, tantalum, vanadium, nickel- and nickel alloys, molybdenum, zirconium, etc.

Forms: sheets-plates-strips, round-hexagon square - and flat bars, rolled and forged, off-cutts, made to Your requirements

This is used in the specialized industries, aerospace and aircraft building, chemical- and petrochemical industry, process plant, nuclear- and marine applications, medical- electronic and research and anywhere, in fact, where only total commitment and reliability is completely acceptable.

The high-grade requirements of these industries need a reliable, competent and complete engineering capability, which Imet is able to provide.

Drawing on many years of technical experience and close contacts to the leading manufacturers, Imet will be able to guarantee a continuous standard of the highest quality.
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Pure and rare metals and alloys
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We supply material to all standards, such as DIN, AMS, ASME, AFNOR, BS with certifications of: Germ. Lloyd(GL), Lloyds Register(LRS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) , Norske Vertias(NV), KWU, DNL, CAA, China classifications etc.